145R14 Tyres

The following cars fitted 145R14 tyres Citroen BX, BX14E & BX14RE, Daf 44,55, Lancia Fulvia Coupe, Rally 1.3, 1.3S, Fulvia Sport 1.3 & 1.3S, Peugeot 204, 304 & 305, Renault 16, Riley 1.5, Volvo 46, 66, Wolesley 1500. And except for the Lancia, there are not a great many of these cars left on the road. However the well loved Morris Minor, Minor 1000 & Minor Traveller fitted a crossply tyre of the size 520X14. The ideal radial alternative to a 520X14 crossply is a 145R14

145 R 14 CA67

Pirelli have re produced a 145HR14 CINTURATO ™ CA67, which is great news for owners of a Lancia Fulvia. There are a few other tyres available, but non with a period carcass like the CINTURATO ™ CA67. PIRELLI’s CA67 Cinturato was the first radial tyre developed to enhance the handling of sports cars.

Mogey Minor Tyres

The re-introduction of PIRELLI’s CA67 145HR14 CINTURATO ™ is excellent news for Mogey Minor owners.
These little cars can so easily be spoiled by fitting oversized tyres. Having a nice tall period 145R14 keeping the gearing good, while a nice thin carcass, making the tyre still properly supported on the little thin wheel rim, of the Morris Minor is a real treat for owners of these superb nibble little cars.