145/70 R12 Cinturato CN54

Mini Cooper Tires

For original Mini owners, a new Pirelli Collezione tyre is now available. The Pirelli Collezione is a range of tires developed for the world's most famous classic vehicles manufactured between 1950 and 1980, combining historic styling with cutting-edge technology.

145/70 R 12 Tires

On the early 500, Fiat utilised 520-12 crossply tires before switching to radial 125 R12 Pirelli Cinturato rubber. A 145/70 R 12 Pirelli Cinturato CN54 tyre is a wider alternative to a 125 R12 with a lower profile, so owners of classic Minis, older Fiat 500s, Fiat 600s, early Fiat 850s, and Abarth 695s could all be tempted by the reintroduction of this tire.

Many Minis came with 145/70 R 12 tires, and a Pirelli Cinturato CN54 would provide a notable boost in performance. These Pirelli 145/70 R 12 CN54 Cinturato tires also fit the Innocenti 90 and 650, as well as the Suzuki Alto.

Mini Cooper Tires

Mini Cooper on 145/70 R12 Cinturato CN54

Mini S I1600

Mini S I1600


Pirelli has reintroduced the Cinturato CN54 in 145/70 R12 size, first released in 1972, for all variations of the original Mini. This is a radial tyre with the same tread pattern and sidewall design as the original, but with the benefit of modern tire innovations.

This would include, for instance, the most advanced tyre compounds, which enable improved traction and grip in wet weather while maintaining reliability and high safety standards. This tyre has these benefits without sacrificing the original design.

Pirelli's engineers used the identical parameters used by the original vehicle designers throughout development to perfectly match the suspension and chassis parameters of the classic Mini.


In 1964, Pirelli began developing a Cinturato tyre for the Mini. One year later, the Mini's popularity had migrated to Italy, and Innocenti was granted permission to build the vehicles in its Lambrate plant outside Milan, where production continued until 1975.

Pirelli produced 145/70 SR12 tires for the Mini 90 and 155/70 SR12 tires for the Mini 120 in 1976. For the car's sportier variations, such as the Innocenti Turbo De Tomaso, Pirelli designed radial tires with a wider tread pattern and lower sidewalls than conventional tires of the day.


Pirelli Collezione tires were created with the intention of preserving automotive heritage by keeping the appearance and driving experience of the original versions while boosting efficiency and safety via new technology and production processes.

The vast Pirelli Foundation collection of images, drawings, and other information was important in reproducing these tires. The Foundation has kept all documents relevant to the creation and manufacture of each Pirelli tyre over the years.

Pirelli Collezione tires may be purchased via historic car tyre experts like as Longstone Tires, as well as Pirelli's flagship P Zero World stores in, Munich, Melbourne, Monaco, Los Angeles, and Dubai.

Mini Cooper Cinturato CN54

Mini Cooper Cinturato Tires

1990 Paul Smith Mini

1990 Paul Smith Mini


The Mini Minor 850 was the British Motor Corporation's first entirely new model, and it was initially available under two separate brands: Austin and Morris. It went under two names: the Austin Seven and the Morris Mini-Minor. The car was designed for everyday usage by Alec Issigonis, but its aptitude for motorsport was soon recognised. The first Mini Cooper was introduced in 1961, and two years later it won the Monte-Carlo Rally.

The'minicar' phenomenon was fully established in Italy at this point, with manoeuvring and parking space newly in short supply related to the number of cars. As a result, the way automobiles were designed was reconsidered. The Mini was first constructed in Italy with the Mini Minor 850, then the Cooper 1000, and eventually the Mk2, Mk3, Mini 1000, and Mini 1001.

The Italian Coopers were a tremendously popular because they generally offered a nicer trim than British cars, and sold with a smaller price tag. As the 1970s approached, British Leyland chose to divide Mini into its own brand, which was followed by the release of a new Mini Clubman luxury variant.

Several mechanical upgrades, including front disc brakes, were done to bring the car up to date in 1984. The disc brakes needed a larger internal diameter so the Mini moved on to 12” wheels, which opens up the opportunity to fit 145/70R12 Pirelli Cinturato CN54. Some models are thought to have fitted 12" wheels before 1984, any mini on 12" wheels can fit the 145/70R12 Cinturato CN54. In an effort to boost sales, Rover created several improved special editions of the Mini near the end of production . The 145/70R12 Pirelli CN54 tyre, which was installed to improve handling while keeping the car's vintage appearance, was one of the cars' distinguishing features. See the list below for a more comprehensive list of Minis that came standard with 145/70/12 tires.

1990 Mini Cooper on 145/70 R 12 Pirelli Cinturato™ CN54 Tires

The following limited edition Minis fitted 145/70R12 Cinturato CN54 as original equipment:

Mini Park Lane on 145/70 R 12 Pirelli Cinturato™ CN54

Mini Park Lane on 145/70 R 12 Pirelli Cinturato™ CN54

145/70 R 12 Pirelli Cinturato™ CN54 Relevant Cars

Fiat - 500, 600, 850

Mini - 1275GT, Clubman, Cooper, 850, 1000

Inocenti - 90, 650

Suzuki - Alto

Mini 25 Advert

Mini 25 Advert

145/70 R 12 Pirelli Cinturato™ CN54 Tire Details

DIAMETER OF RIM 12" / 304.8mm
ACTUAL WIDTH 156mm / 6.1"
LOAD INDEX 68 = 315 kgs
SPEED RATING S = 112 mph / 180 kmh
RIM WIDTH 4" - 5"