165 R 14 Tyres

A vast array of Alfa Romeo models all fitted PIRELLI 165HR14 CINTURATO ™ tires in the evocative CA67 tread pattern. PIRELLI carried on fitting this tire right into the 80’s. It is interesting to see how highly Alfa regarded these tires. when so many other car manufacturers were fitting wide low profile tire, Alfa continued with 165HR14.

Also the famous MGB also fitted 165HR14 CINTURATO ™ tires. A critical part of the cars handling, again of course MG could have fitted a bigger tire than the 165HR14, but they found that is the way t he car handled best.

165SR14 and 165TR14

Over the years various manufacturers have made 165SR14, 165TR14 and 165HR14 tires. Probably in period the majority of tires supplied would have been the 165SR14. Cars like, MGB, Lancia Fulvia coupe and Fulvia Sport, Alfa Romeo Giulia & Spider, Rover 2000 would have all left the factory with a 165SR14. Where as more performance cars like an Alfa Romeo GTA 1600 and 1750 GT would have needed to fit the 165HR14.

There are currently tyres available in the size 165TR14 made by budget manufacturers. These different letters in the tyre description are simply descriptive of the speed rating. 165SR14 is speed rated to 112mph (180km/h) and a 165TR14 is speed rated up to 118mph (190kp/h).

PIRELLI currently just make the one tyre in the size 165HR14. This H rated tyre is still perfect for cars that originally would have fitted 165SR14, it is more suited to faster modern roads and capable enough for fitting to modified classic cars.

PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ 165-14 on a Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato
PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ 165x14 on Alfa Romeo Spider