175/70VR13 Pirelli

Cinturato™ CN36

175/70VR13 CN36 Tread Pattern

175/70VR13 CN36 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ Tread Pattern


1978 Ford Escort RS2000 MK2 175/70VR13 CN36

1978 Ford Escort RS2000 MK2 175/70VR13 CN36

After many years of research and development, a new technical age began towards the end of the 1960s: the use of the steel belt on high-performance tires built for use at the highest speeds. In 1968, the Cinturato CN36 was introduced, designed exclusively for the Fiat Dino in size 185 HR 14. It was the first mass-produced steel radial tire, created to match the performance of high-performance and Gran Turismo vehicles.

It also marked Pirelli's comeback to rally contests, which they won several times with CN36 Tires. The drive of the CN36 has been characterized as being soft at low speeds and precise at high speeds, having transverse and lateral components that allow for obstacle absorption while also minimizing the aquaplaning impact.

After a few years, Pirelli enlarged the size range to the lower 70% profile Series, which was designed to fit cars such as the Golf GTi and Ford Escort.

175/70VR13 CN36 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ - The Tire

Ford Escort RS2000 on CN36 Tires

Ford Escort RS2000 on CN36 Tires

The 175/70 VR 13 tire was popular on cars in the 1970s and 1980s. Lower profile (70% profile rather than 80% profile) tires were the exciting new innovation for tire makers in 1968, and automobile manufacturers were eager to capitalise on the improved grip that it provided. The 155 R 13 was a typical tire at the time, and the low profile 175/70 VR 13 had a nearly equivalent overall diameter with the added width of the 175mm rather than the 155mm. As an example, the Triumph Dolomite Sprint and the Golf GTi suit a 175/70 VR 13 tire, whilst the basic model vehicles fit a 155 R 13.

For a number of years, there was no historical tire manufactured in the size 175/70 VR 13. We are privilaged that Pirelli has recreated the iconic 175/70 VR 13 CINTURATO TM CN36, which is especially exciting for Ford Escort owners because the PIRELLI CINTURATO TM CN36 tire was original tire on their major sports cars of the era such as the Ford Escort RS2000 and the Ford Mexico.

Full Profile Vs Low-Profile Radial Tires

Low-profile tires can improve a vehicle's handling. Shorter sidewalls are less flexible than higher ones on tires with a higher profile, thus the car doesn't roll and bounce as much. This improves traction and the suspension's ability to keep the car stable when turning.

This can improve a car's performance since more grip allows it to drive around a turn faster, but the tradeoff is a harsher ride over bumps. The tire sidewall works as a component of the vehicle's suspension, a smaller sidewall is a thinner buffer of air to absorb bumps, so 70 profile tires were initially intended for sportier cars in period.

The PIRELLI CN36 is the ideal low profile tire for fitting as a period enhancement to a full profile tire, without compromising the agility of the low weight rear-wheel-drive sports cars of the 1960s and 1970s. It is important that you ensure that the tire provides adequate clearance and also does not rub on your car's inner wing.

175/70VR13 CN36 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ Relevant Cars

Pirelli Cinturato CN36 Tires

Alpine Renault - A110

Audi - 80

Austin - Maxi 1500-1750, 1750 HL, A30-A35, Maxi, Allegro, Maestro

Austin Healey - Sprite

BMW - 1602/1502

DAF - Marathon

Elva - Courier

Fiat - 124, 131, 850

Ford - Capri, Cortina, Escort, Taunus, Orion, XR3i, Cortina MK2

Hillman - Avenger, Hunter

Honda - Accord, Prelude

175-70 VR13 Pirelli Cinturato CN36 Tire

Humber - Sceptre

Lotus - 7, Elan, Europa

Mazda - 323

MG - Midget

Nissan - 200SX

Opel - Kadett, Kadett GTE

Renault - 15/17, 9, 1, 15, 18, 19, 21, Fuego

Sunbeam - Alpine, Rapier

Talbot - Sunbeam Lotus, Horizon, Carina

Toyota - Corolla, Carina, Corona

Triumph - Dolomite, Dolomite Sprint, Spitfire, Vitesse, TR7, 1500, GT6, Toledo, TR7

Vauxhall - Astra, Cavalier, Chevette, Firenza, Victor, Viva, Magnum, Victor, Ventora

Volkswagen - Golf, Golf GTi, Sirocco, Passat (B1 TS OE), Jetta

Volvo - 343

175/70VR13 Pirelli Cinturato™ CN36 Details

DIAMETER OF RIM 13" / 330.2 mm
ACTUAL WIDTH 177 mm / 6.97"
LOAD INDEX 82 = 475 kgs
SPEED RATING V = 149 mph / 240 km/h
INNERTUBES Michelin 13E13
RIM WIDTH 4.5" 5.0" 5.5" 6.5"