• The first radial tire developed for Sports cars.
  • Developed in 1952, winning road races in 1954.
  • The sports car tire of choice from the ’50s, through the ‘60s & into the ‘70s.


The tread belt in a in a radial tire, decreased tire deformation in all conditions, meaning the tread lasted roughly twice as long as the crossply tires. This same belt, meant that the tread was no longer scrubbing around on the road was able to dramatically increase the grip. In 1951 when Pirelli patented the Cinturato it was initially called the Cintura. The famous early Pirelli Cinturato tread pattern 367, became coded as CF67 & CA67. And the name Cintura soon evolved into the name Cinturato.


When the Cinturato CA67 came out it was immediately taken on by the likes of Alfa, Lancia Ferrari and Maserati. Soon followed by international marques such as MG, Lotus and Aston Martin. What made the difference, was the progressive handling of the Cinturat. Until Pirellis Cinturato development, a radial tire had the reputation of gripping, but then letting go very suddenly at what would at the time been a much higher speed than a car was able to achieve in a corner on a crossply, so these effects was far more dramatic and less progressive. Pirelli With the Cinturato CA67 took the benefits of a radial tire and made it more suited to the rear wheel drive sports cars of the day, by making its handling progressive and altogether more predictable.


185VR16 CA67 PIRELLI CINTURATO™ Aston MartinAston Martin DB2 DB2,Aston Martin DB2/4 DB2/4,Aston Martin DB4 DB4,
JaguarJaguar DB4 GT Zagato DB4 GT Zagato, Jaguar XK120 XK120, Jaguar DB4 GT Zagato DB4 GT Zagato, Jaguar XK120 XK120, Jaguar XK140 XK140,Jaguar XK150 XK150,
JaguarJaguar C-type, BMW 250 C-type, BMW 250,
BristolBristol 375 375, Bristol's 400 400,Bristol 375 375, Bristol's 400 400, Bristol 401 401,Bristol 403 403,Bristol 405 405,Bristol 406 406,Bristol 407 407,
185VR16 CA67 PIRELLI CINTURATO™ TriumphTriumph 408 & 409 408 & 409,
TriumphTriumph Gloria and Renown Gloria and Renown,Triumph Pegaso Pegaso,
RileyRiley RM series and Pathfinder RM series and Pathfinder,
MaseratiMaserati Jensen 541, Daimler DB18, Maserati A6 408 & 409 Jensen 541, Daimler DB18, Maserati A6 408 & 409,
TriumphTriumph Gloria and Renown Gloria and Renown,Triumph Pegaso Pegaso,
RileyRiley RM series and Pathfinder RM series and Pathfinder,
185VR16 CA67 PIRELLI CINTURATO™ MaseratiMaserati A6 A6,
MaseratiMaserati 300/s 300/s,Maserati Mistral Mistral,Maserati 3500 GT 3500 GT,Maserati 340 340,Maserati 375 375,Maserati 410 410,Maserati 250GT Cabriolet S1 250GT Cabriolet S1,Maserati 250GT Cabriolet S1 250GT Cabriolet S1,Maserati 250 GT Ellena 250 GT Ellena,Maserati 250 PF Coupe 250 PF Coupe,Maserati 250 GT California 250 GT California,Maserati 250 Tour de France 250 Tour de France,
JensenJensen 541 541,
DaimlerDaimler DB18 DB18,
FiatFiat 8V 8V,
FerrariFerrari 250 Europa 250 Europa, Ferrari
AlvisAlvis TA14 TA14, Alvis TB14,
165HR400 CA67 PIRELLI CINTURATO™ Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo 1900 1900,Alfa Romeo 2000 2000,Alfa Romeo 2600 2600,
LanciaLancia Aurelia Aurelia,Lancia Flaminia Flaminia,
CitroenCitroen DS DS,Citroen ID19 ID19,Citroen Traction Avant Traction Avant,
Ford Ford Verdette & Siata 208,
185VR15 CA67 PIRELLI CINTURATO™ Aston MartinAston Martin DB4 after 1962 DB4 after 1962,Aston Martin DB5 & early DB6 DB5 & early DB6,
JaguarJaguar Series 1 & 2 E Type and MK1 & MK2 Jaguar Saloons Series 1 & 2 E Type and MK1 & MK2 Jaguar Saloons,
DaimlerDaimler V8 saloon V8 saloon,
MercedesMercedes 220D 220D,
BMWBMW 2600 2600,BMW 3200 3200,
FerrariFerrari Citroen ID and DS, Ferrari 250 GT Citroen ID and DS, Ferrari 250 GT,
Morgan Morgan 250GTE , Morgan +8 Alvis 3 litre & TE21 51 - 68,
PeugeotPeugeot 403 403,Peugeot 404 404,
VolkswagenVolkswagen Beetle Beetle,
PorschePorsche 914 914,
SaabSaab 9 9,
Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo Giulietta Giulietta,Alfa Romeo Duetto Duetto,Alfa Romeo Giulia (pre 1969) Giulia (pre 1969),
LanciaLancia Flavia Flavia,Lancia Appia Appia,
LotusLotus Elite Elite, Lotus
165HR15 CA67 & 165/80VR15 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo Giulietta Giardinetta Giulietta Giardinetta,
AustinAustin Austin Healey 100/4 Austin Healey 100/4,Austin 100/6 & 3000 100/6 & 3000,
DaimlerDaimler Sp 250 Sp 250,
FiatFiat 2300 Coupe 2300 Coupe,
LanciaLancia Flavia Flavia,
MGMG MGA MGA, MG MGC MGC, MG T T, MG YB & Magnette YB & Magnette,
MorganMorgan 4/4 4/4,Morgan Plus 4 Plus 4,
MorrisMorris Oxford Traveller Oxford Traveller,
PeugeotPeugeot 403 & 404 403 & 404,
PorschePorsche 356 356,Porsche 912 912,Porsche 914 & 911 914 & 911,
TriumphTriumph TH4 TH4,Triumph TR5 & TR6 TR5 & TR6,
TVRTVR Vixen & Tuscan Vixen & Tuscan,TVR VW Beetle VW Beetle,TVR 1600 1600,TVR K70 K70,TVR 411 & Karman Ghia 411 & Karman Ghia,
Volvo Volvo P1800 & Amazon,
165HR14 CA67 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo Alfetta Alfetta,Alfa Romeo Giulia Giulia,Alfa Romeo Spider Spider,
AudiAudi 100 100,
AustinAustin A55 A55,Austin 60 60,
BMWBMW 1800 1800,BMW 2000 2000,
CitroenCitroen GS GS,
MGMG MGB MGB,MG Magnette Magnette,
MazdaMazda 1800 1800,
MorrisMorris Oxford Oxford,
LanciaLancia Fulvia Fulvia,
PorschePorsche 924 924,
RoverRover 2000 2000,Rover 2200 2200,
145HR14 CA67 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CitroenCitroen BX BX,Citroen BX14E BX14E,Citroen BX14RE BX14RE,
LanciaLancia Fulvia Coupe Fulvia Coupe,Lancia Rally 1.3 Rally 1.3,Lancia 1.3S 1.3S,Lancia Fulvia Sport 1.3 Fulvia Sport 1.3,Lancia 1.3S 1.3S,
MorrisMorris Minor Minor,Morris Minor 1000 Minor 1000,Morris Minor Travellor Minor Travellor,
PeugeotPeugeot 204 204,Peugeot 304 304,Peugeot 305 305,
RenaultRenault 16 16,
RileyRiley 1.5 1.5,
VolvoVolvo 46 46,Volvo 6 6, Volvo Wolesley 1500
145HR13 CA67 PIRELLI CINTURATO™ Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo Alfasud 1,2 Alfasud 1,2,Alfa Romeo Ti Ti,Alfa Romeo SE SE,Alfa Romeo 5m 5m,Alfa Romeo 1,3 Sprint 1,3 Sprint,Alfa Romeo Super Ti Super Ti,Alfa Romeo 1,5 Sprint 1,5 Sprint,Alfa Romeo Super Ti (up to 1981) Super Ti (up to 1981),
AustinAustin A40 A40,Austin A40 Countryman A40 Countryman,Austin Allegro 1100 Allegro 1100,Austin 1300 1300,Austin 1500 mk1 & mk2 Maestro 1,3 (base) 1500 mk1 & mk2 Maestro 1,3 (base),
Austin HealeyAustin Healy Sprite (all models) Sprite (all models), Austin Auto Union Junior F11 Auto Union Junior F11,Austin F12 F12,Austin Bond Equipe GT Bond Equipe GT,Austin GT4S GT4S,
CitroenCitroen Visa Super E Visa Super E,Citroen Visa L Visa L,Citroen Visa 11E Visa 11E,Citroen 11RE & Convertible 11RE & Convertible,Citroen Daf 32 Daf 32,Citroen 3 3,
FiatFiat 850 Special 850 Special,Fiat 128 128,Fiat 128 Estate 128 Estate,Fiat 128 Rally 128 Rally,Fiat Strada 65L Strada 65L,Fiat CL CL,Fiat 75CL 75CL,Fiat 85 (upto 83) 85 (upto 83),Fiat X1/9 1,3 X1/9 1,3,
FordFord Anglia 105E Anglia 105E,Ford Super Super,Ford Cortina 1200 Cortina 1200,Ford 1300 1300,Ford Escort 1,1 MK3 (upto 84) Escort 1,1 MK3 (upto 84),
LanciaLancia Delta 1300 (4speed) Delta 1300 (4speed),
LotusLotus Elan Elan,
MGMG Midget Mk1 Midget Mk1,MG MK2 MK2,MG MK3 MK3,
MorrisMorris Marina 1,3 Marina 1,3,Morris 1,8 1,8,
PeugeotPeugeot 104 SL 104 SL,Peugeot 104 SR 104 SR,Peugeot 104 ZS(upto 1980) 104 ZS(upto 1980),Peugeot 205 1,1 GL 205 1,1 GL,Peugeot GR GR,Peugeot 205 1,4 GR (upto 84) 205 1,4 GR (upto 84),
RenaultRenault R5 R5,Renault R5L R5L,Renault R5TL R5TL,Renault R5GTL R5GTL,Renault R5TS R5TS,Renault R5TX R5TX,Renault Le Car Le Car,Renault R6TL R6TL,Renault R9c R9c,Renault R9 TC (1,1) R9 TL R9 TC (1,1) R9 TL,Renault R5GTL (1,3) R5GTL (1,3),Renault R12L R12L,Renault R12TL R12TL,Renault R12TR R12TR,Renault R12TS R12TS,Renault R14TL R14TL,Renault R14GTL R14GTL,RenaultR14TS (UNTIL 83) (UNTIL 83),Renault R18 (BASE) R18 (BASE),
SimcaSimca 1000 Special 1000 Special,Simca Rally Rally,Simca 1100 1100,Simca 1200 1200,
TalbotTalbot Samba GL Samba GL,
SunbeamSunbeam 1,0 1,0,Sunbeam LS LS,Sunbeam GL GL,Sunbeam 1,3LS 1,3LS,SunbeamGL, Sunbeam 1,6 GL Sunbeam 1,6 GL,Sunbeam S S,Sunbeam GLS GLS,Sunbeam Horizon 1,1 GL Horizon 1,1 GL,Sunbeam LS LS,Sunbeam 1,3 GL 1,3 GL,Sunbeam LS LS,Sunbeam GLS GLS,Sunbeam 1,5 GL 1,5 GL,
TriumphTriumph Herald (all Models) Herald (all Models),Triumph Spitfire MK1 Spitfire MK1,Triumph MK2 MK2,Triumph Mk3 Mk3,Triumph MK4 MK4,Triumph Acclaim L Acclaim L,
VauxhallVauxhall Nova 1,0L Nova 1,0L,Vauxhall 1,2L 1,2L,Vauxhall Astra 1,2 (upto 84) Astra 1,2 (upto 84),
VolkswagenVolkswagen Polo L Polo L,Volkswagen N N,Volkswagen LS LS,Volkswagen GLS GLS,Volkswagen Golf 1,1 L Golf 1,1 L,Volkswagen GL GL, Volkswagen N
165R400 87H CA67 Alfa Romeo 1900,Alfa Romeo 2000,alfa romeo 2600
Aston Martin DB2
Citroen Traction Avant
Ferrari 250 GT
Lancia Aurelia,Lancia Flaminia Flaminia
175R400 89H CA67 Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ
Ferrari 250 GT
Lancia Flaminia
145R13 74H CA67 Austin Healey Sprite
Ford Cortina,Ford Escort
Lotus Elan
MG Midget
Triumph Herald,Triumph Spitfire
145R14 76H CA67 Fiat 1500
Lancia Fulvia
Morris Minor
165R14 84H CA67 Alfa Romeo Alfetta,Alfa Romeo Giulia,Alfa Romeo Spider
BMW 1800,BWM 2000 2000
Lancia Fulvia
Rover 2000,Rover 2200 2200,Rover P6 P6
155R15 82H CA67 Alfa Romeo Duetto,Alfa Romeo Giulia,Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Lancia Appia,Lancia Flavia Flavia
Lotus Elite
Morgan 4-4
Peugeot 403,Peugeot 404 404
Porsche 914
Triumph TR2,Triumph< TR3/span> TR3
Volkswagen Beetle,Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Karmann Ghia
165R15 86H CA67 Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Daimler SP 250
Ferrari 166,Ferrari 212 212
Lancia Flavia
Morgan Plus 4
Porsche 356,Porsche 911 911,Porsche 912 912
Triumph TR4,Triumph TR5 TR5,Triumph TR6 TR6
Volvo Amazon,Volvo P1800 P1800
185R15 91V CA67 Aston Martin DB4,Aston Martin DB5 DB5,Aston Martin DB6 DB6
Ferrari 250,Ferrari 330 330,Ferrari 400 400,Ferrari 410 410
Jaguar E-Type,Jaguar Mark II Mark II
Mercedes 220D,Mercedes 300SL 300SL
Morgan Plus 8
Rover P5
185R16 93V CA67 Aston Martin DB2,Aston Martin DB4 DB4
BMW 507
Ferrari 250
Fiat 8V
Jaguar Mark IX,Jaguar XK120 XK120,Jaguar XK140,Jaguar XK150 XK150
Maserati 3500GT,Maserati Mistral Mistral