• Developed for comfort, performance and a noiseless ride.
  • Made in exclusive 225/65R15 for Jaguar XJ40.
  • The Cinturato P5 was requested by Jaguar in 1977 and marketed in 1979.


For the first time a car maker that requests a new series of tyres: Jaguar. Jaguar In 1977 asked Pirelli to specifically design the Cinturato P5 for luxury cars. Comfort and silent ride, highest quality were the prerequisite of the new Pirelli P5. In 1979 Pirellis CINTURATO P5 was homologated in The XJ6, XJ12 & XJS size 205/70 VR 15. Next up the size 225/65R15 for Jaguar XJ40. The Lancia Gamma saloon and coupé and the Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2.0 saloon and GTV were soon to follow.

PIRELLI P5 Fitment Guide