Pneumatici 125 R12 Italia

I fornitori in Italia della gamma “Pirelli Classic” e del 125 R12 Cinturato CN54 sono Musso Gomme e F.lli Rossi Pneumatici.

125SR12 Banden Benelux

Net als de rest van de wereld houden de inwoners van Nederland, België en Luxemburg ook van de schattige Fiat 500. De originele 125SR12 Pirelli Cinturato CN54 banden zijn te koop bij Oldtimer BV in Heeze.

Pneus 125 SR12 France

Le distributeur français de pneus 125SR12 Pirelli Cinturato CN54 pour la Fiat 500 Collector en France est: - pneucollection.com.

Pneumatic Fiat 500 D'epoca

125 R 12 Klassische Fiat 500 Reifen Deutschland

Die Originalreifen für den oldtimer Fiat 500, den 125SR12, werden von Munchner Oldtimer Reifen in Deutschland vertrieben.

Fiat 500 Tires Austrailia

The Australian distributer of the original Pirelli 125R12 CN54 Cinturato, that was fitted to the classic Fiat 500 is Stuckey Tires.

Pirelli Cinturato CN54 125SR12 Tires USA

Lucas Classic Tires are the specialist distributers for the Pirelli Collezione range of classic and antique tires. They ship these little 125SR12 Cinturato tires all over the States.

Fiat Cinquecento Tires UK

In the United Kingdom Longstone Classic Tires are the distributers of the Pirelli Collezione tires, including the 125SR12 Cinturato CN54 for the vintage Fiat 500.

125 SR 12 Pirelli CN54

125 SR 12 Formula CN54

For some time, during the period when the classic Fiat 500 was a less desirable budget car, the 125 SR 12 Cinturato CN54 was made by the budget brand Formula. Recognising just how cool the fab little Fiat 500 is Pirelli have started to make the 125SR12 CN54 under the Pirelli Collezione range of Cinturato tires. There is no longer a 125SR12 Formula Cinturato CN54 in production.

The Technology of Pirelli’s 125SR12 Tire

Ideal for the different versions of the Fiat 500 that went into production in 1957, Pirelli is again manufacturing the Cinturato CN54 in 125 R 12 size. This is a radial tire that is aesthetically the same as the original, but made with modern compounds for improved grip, specially in the wet. Throughout the tire's research and development programme, Pirelli’s engineers used the same parameters that the original vehicle designers used, in order to perfectly complement the suspension and chassis settings of the car when it was new. To achieve this, they referred to original materials and designs housed in the Pirelli Foundation archives in Milan.

Fiat 500 Tire History Explained

The Fiat 500 was born in 1957, at just 9’8” long with a 479cc engine that put out 13 horsepower and delivered a top speed of 85kph. The tire size was a cross ply 125-12, featuring either the Cisa tread pattern or the tried-and-trusted Stelvio, not to mention the Rolle design that was available for the larger Fiat 600 as well. The Fiat 500 range would expand over the years, from the original 500 N (Nuovo) version to the D that was presented in 1960. This version was the first car to adopt Pirelli’s Sempione ‘Safety Shoulder’, featuring more rounded sidewalls for better road holding through corners. The Fiat 500F came out in 1965, followed by the L in 1968, both with Pirelli 12” tires. When the radial version was launched in 1972, the Pirelli Cinturato range was sufficiently wide that Fiat’s run-a-bout Cinq Cento could also be had with a radial CN54 tread pattern, in 125 R 12 size. This is the tire that Pirelli is making again for owners of this classic Italian icon. The CN54 of the time was directly derived from rallying experience, maintaining the tread pattern design of the classic CA67 – which made the Cinturato name famous all over the world, thanks to a new belted structure that improved both comfort and tire life.

Klassische Fiat 500 Reifen

125 R 12 62S PIRELLI CINTURATO CN54 Relevant Cars

Abarth - 750, 850

Autobianchi - Bianchina

DKW - Junior

Fiat - 500, Topolino

NSU - Prinz

Siata - Amica

125 R 12 62S PIRELLI CINTURATO CN54 Tire Details

DIAMETER OF RIM 12" / 304.8"
ACTUAL WIDTH 118 mm / 4.6"
WEIGHT 4.2 kgs
LOAD INDEX 62 = 265 kgs
SPEED RATING S = 112 mph / 180 km/h
RIM WIDTH 3.0" 3.5" 4.0"