235/45 R 15 94W PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ P700-Z

235/45 ZR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO P700-Z tires are available worldwide. To find your local Pirelli dealer see our Classic Tire Suppliers.

PIRELLI CINTURATO™ P700-Z - The SWB Audi Quattro Tire

The PIRELLI P700-Z is a remarkable modern classic tire known for its precise high-speed sports handling. Introduced in 1988, it became the first road tire to achieve a Z speed rating, successfully exceeding speeds of 149 mph for an hour without failure. The 235/45 ZR 15 PIRELLI P700-Z is also historically important as the proper tire for the classic Short-Wheelbase Audi Quattro, an important modern classic that changed the rallying landscape, as well as introducing all-wheel-drive to the world.

The tire size 235/45 R15 88Z indicates:

  • The tire width is 235mm at its widest point (not just the tread width).
  • The height of the tire sidewall is 45% of 235mm.
  • The tire has a load rating of 88, which means that each tire can carry up to 560 kgs. in weight.
  • The tire is rated Z, which means it has been successfully driven for 1 hour at a speed of 149 mph / 240 km/h in test conditions.
  • The R indicates that the tire has a radial design.
  • 15 means this tire can only be fitted onto a 15” wheel.

235/45 ZR 15 PIRELLI P700-Z Classic Tires

Building on the legendary P700™ racing tire's legacy, the P700-Z™ incorporates an ultra-low profile, embodying its predecessor's motorsport pedigree. The P700-Z™ featured a slightly more rounded profile than its racing cousin to ensure maximum comfort for use on the road. The tread design showcases a wide central rib and large directionally oriented tread blocks, ensuring outstanding grip and performance in wet conditions.

Key features of the 235/45 ZR 15 PIRELLI P700-Z include excellent braking performance, particularly in the wet, accompanied by a minimized noise level compared to older tires. The P700-Z also demonstrates exceptional resistance to aquaplaning, both on straight stretches and during cornering.

PIRELLI P700-Z Lamborghini Tires

PIRELLI P700-Z Tire Tread

Audi Quattro on 215/50 VR 15 PIRELLI P700-Z Tires

The original equipment tire for the Audi Quattro was the PIRELLI CINTURATO™ P7, but it was later replaced by the 215/50 VR 15 PIRELLI P700-Z when the Quattro had outgrown its older tires. The Quattro pushed limits in the worlds of car manufacture and rally, Audi understood Pirelli's commitment to providing the best possible rubber for the most extreme driving conditions.

This 235/45 ZR 15 PIRELLI P700-Z is the ideal tire for the front and rear of the short-wheel-base Audi Quattro Short Sport.

235/45 R 15 PIRELLI P700-Z

Recommended tire pressures for the Audi Quattro are 30 psi for both the front and rear wheels. From there tire pressures can be adjusted according to driver preference or driving conditions. To this day, the 215/50 VR 15 PIRELLI P700-Z remains the top choice for a classic Audi Quattro.

Finding the right tire for the iconic Audi Quattro has been a challenge for a long time. Therefore, we're thrilled to announce that PIRELLI has re-released a high-quality original equipment tire, tailor-made for the Quattro. The 235/45 R 15 PIRELLI P700-Z ensures the best performance from a car celebrated for its driving excellence, while also maintaining period-correct looks and driving feel to guarantee the vehicle looks and drives just like it did in its day.

Audi Quattro SWB Tires - 235/45R15

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235/45 ZR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ P700-Z Relevant Cars

Audi Quattro Short Sport

235/45 ZR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ P700-Z Tire Details

DIAMETER OF RIM 15" / 381 mm
ACTUAL WIDTH 243 mm / 9.57"
WEIGHT 9.0 Kgs
LOAD INDEX 88 = 560 kgs
SPEED RATING ZR = 149 mph / 240 km/h
RIM WIDTH 8" - 9.5"

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