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Tyre Test

This fantastic film produced by Pirelli using an e-type (XKE) Jaguar to demonstrate their range of Cinturato Tyres. By the time this film was made the Pirelli Cinturato range had already been available for over a decade.

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Pirelli’s Cinturato range of tyres dramatically changed people’s perception of how good tyres could be. They improved the handling of cars like an e-type Jaguar, when fitted with these progressive sports car tires. The Cinturato became the bench mark tyre and not only was it original equipment for Ferrari, Maserati, MG, Alfa Romeo, Lotus, Lamborghini, etc; but if you asked manufacturers like Jaguar and Aston Martin to fit radial tyres to your car, they would fit Pirelli Cinturato. Today for cars of the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s & ‘80s the Pirelli Cinturato is the perfect classic tire. The Cinturato CA67 came out in 1952, followed by the CN72 of 1964, they then ventured into low profile tyres in 1969 with the CN36, then the CN12 in 1971.